G.W. Dion Company

The G. W. Dion Company LLC has been assisting aluminum extrusion companies throughout the world, with a growing customer base ranging from the United States to Mexico to Chile to India to China. The focus of their work is both extrusion and die correction processes, and developing world-class die manufacturing technology. Many clients have contracted for long-term projects to assist in these areas.

It has been found that in many cases what were originally thought to be die related problems were, instead, extrusion process issues. The whole extrusion process involves three critical interdependent areas. These include: the extrusion process, die designs and manufacturing, and die correction. These
three areas must represent a complete circle of communication to improve the quality and productivity of the extruded products.

By working closely with management and associates in these three areas, many results are achieved. Costly die trials are reduced and in many cases eliminated, die life is increased, more complex profiles can be extruded, extrusion speeds are increased and product tolerances are improved. Die manufacturing lead
times can be reduced, allowing the extruder to more quickly deliver extrusion samples or the final product to the customer.

The G. W. Dion Company is also assisting B. C. Extrusion Dies of Shelbyville Indiana, USA, in developing and manufacturing a line of specialty extrusion tooling for micro-tube extrusion. These extrusions are of two basic configurations, both of which are used for refrigeration processes. One configuration is a small round tube 6MM in diameter having a wall thickness of .025MM. This tube also has 48 – 60 enhancements or serrations on the inside diameter. The other configuration is a small flat tube with 10 to more than 30
voids, depending on its usage. The tube dimensions vary from 1.5MM to 2MM in height, 12MM to 150MM wide with wall thickness of 1.2MM. These tubes have an extremely high extrusion ratio thus creating a challenge to extrude and maintain tool life. By working closely with the extruders, product quality and
reliability has increased dramatically. Special dies have been developed using various materials and coatings to increase die life.

Gary W. Dion, President, has 35 years of results-oriented experience in the aluminum extrusion industry. During his career progression from template maker to President of Nova Tool and Die Inc., he developed a strong commitment to constant improvement. Driven by concern for customer needs, he developed and
implemented the latest, most effective manufacturing technology, which led his company and its customers to greater success.

Under his direction, Nova became well respected as an industry leader in service, quality and technology. Developing key strategies for success, developing niche markets, and exploiting competitive advantages led Nova to its position as the benchmark against which others measured their progress.

Gary has been active in the Aluminum Extruders Council for more than 20 years, serving on its Die Committee and Extrusion Technology Committee for over 17 years. In addition to serving as a member of the AEC Board of Directors, he has been involved in planning numerous seminars and developing many training programs for extruders. He is a frequent speaker at industry seminars.